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Employee Safety/Environmental Monitoring

Are you in the hotel/lodging/resort industry?  Have you had any complaints from employees of harrassment or worse assault by a guest?  Did you know that more than 50% of housekeeping staff have reported being harassed or assaulted by guests while performing their normal duties?  We have an easy to install and simple to use solution that will allow your employees to send an alert to the personnel of your choosing if they are having an issue anywhere on your property.  The alert will provide an exact location of the employee allowing a quick response for someone to provide assisstance.  Help keep your employees safe and happy while they do their job.  The AHLA is working toward making some sort of employee safety program mandatory in the US.  Contact us to set up a demo and see how we can help you to protect your employees.

See this link for more info regarding the AHLA "5 Star Promise" safety initiative.


Do you have to monitor and log temperatures for your refrigeration units, freezers, or precription storage areas?  How would you like to be able to automate the entire monitoring and reporting process so that it does not require human interaction?  Our monitoring solution can take care of all of your monitoring, logging, reporting, and even alerting issues if there is a problem.  Let us help you to take the worry out of the whole process.  No more remembering to log the temperatures every hour, no more missed logging, no more fines for improper reports.

 Check out the links below to visit our IoT Partner's page for more info on our monitoring soultions.  Then contact us for more information or a demo.

Refrigeration Monitoring Solution

Environmental Monitoring Solution